Pitches Brew is a group of composers with diverse visions, ambitions and styles. While each one follows her individual voice in music, we express as one in the goal of empowering ourselves (and others) to explore unique musical ideas and new horizons of self-expression.

Through concerts, workshops, and outreach events, Pitches Brew is passionate about encouraging and raising up the next generation of female identifying composers, who have historically been excluded and underrepresented in the classical and jazz canon.

Across the globe, 95% of classical music concerts have programs with all male composers, leaving only 5% of concerts worldwide including at least one piece written by a female composer. The number becomes even smaller when taking into account the number of pieces- only 2.3% of classical music pieces performed across the globe are written by women. The Guardian article citing these statistics can be found here.

With strong backgrounds in classical and jazz, the members of Pitches Brew hope to move the needle of having more female identifying composers represented in concerts globally, starting at the local level in New York City.